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Residential apartment’s types and their attractions

In America, one of the most established real estate groups that offer residential apartments for housing and accommodation is the Dallas apartments. This group has apartments in several places in America, especially around Texas and Dallas. They include the Dallas apartments in Hayes Valley, in Plano Island, the West Campbell Road apartments, Renner Road, Rutgers and those near the University of Texas Dallas.

An apartment, also known as a flat, is a self contained housing unit that forms part of an apartment building or block of flats. The term apartment is used more commonly in North America and Ireland whereas in the United Kingdom and some Asian countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong as well as among many Commonwealth countries, the preferred term is flat.


Other attractions to these apartments include: the Zero Gravity Amusement park; the Mockingbird Station landmark; the Dallas World Aquarium Museums and popular places such as the Deep Ellum, among others. In many areas, these flats are deliberately situated to facilitate easy communication by both rail and by road, for the residents.

A good example is the apartments at the University of Texas Dallas, targeting students at that university. Besides, these residents have easy access to a host of other services and facilities which are strategically placed for their convenience.


Dallas apartments is an established real estate group that offers quality and diverse apartments to individuals, families and students seeking residential housing and accommodation in America.   They mostly range from studio apartments to three bedroom flats, with few having more than three bedrooms. There are also luxury apartments for residents seeking better comfort.

In the US, apartments are placed in four major categories as follows: Class A – are luxury units; Class B – are old but well maintained units; Class C – comprises units which are over 30 years old and occupied by low income residents while Class D – is usually occupied by low socioeconomic residents and are subsidized by the government.


Like any other business venture, these apartments are strategically located to attract customers. They have features that include inviting interior designs and furnishings; internet connectivity as well as a unique layout and view for individual apartments. The apartments are also furnished to facilitate cooking and other household chores.

The furnishing depends on the category of the flat and its size. This is besides other amenities such as underground parking garage, fitness centers, and sports courts. Residents can also access other commercial services such as post office services, grocery, salon etc, from conveniently located shopping centers.

Pets allowed:

Despite the policy that restricts keeping of pets, several sites that advertise these flats are now openly inviting interested residents with their pets without mentioning the number that a household is allowed to keep.

Online support service:

Online support service is also available to provide listing of different places where there are apartments and to guide residents to find suitable rental apartments. This enables interested residents to check and compare prices and amenities for different categories of flats in various locations so as to be able to make choices.