2 Dallas Mexican Restaurants Named Best In US

DALLAS, TX — Dallas is home to two of the best Mexican restaurants in the country, according to Matt Lynch and José Ralat of Thrillist. The two Dallas eateries join 29 other restaurants on Thrillist’s “Best 31 Mexican Restaurants in America” list.

“There’s incredible diversity within the regional cuisines of Mexico and the different directions they’ve taken as they’ve crossed the border and mingled with American palates,” Thrillist said. “It’s impossible to account for them all comprehensively, but we’re quite confident that if you experience the flavors of Mexico at one of these 31 restaurants, you’ll be thoroughly pleased with your decision.”

Ralat reviewed both of Dallas’ restaurants that made the list.

Mi Lindo Oaxaca is the city’s only Oaxacan restaurant, Thrillist said. Ralat went on a long-winded rave of their mole which is “so balanced the kid-glove sweetness and spice ricochet off your tongue and the sides of your mouth before it touches down in the back of your throat as a slow, welcoming burn.”

Situated in a strip mall at 2535 Fort Worth Ave., Mi Lindo Oaxaca also offers “roasted grasshopper-topped oval-shaped corn tortilla discs called memelitas,” Ralat said.

The other Dallas restaurant on Thrillist’s list is the Revolver Taco Lounge/Purépecha Room. The Taco Lounge is a creative taqueria, with dishes like the “curry-soaked frog legs and Thai basil taco,” or the “carnitas-style octupus with charred leeks,” Ralat said.

In the back is the Purépecha Room, a reservation-only space with an ever-changing menu. It’s the high-end restaurant within the taqueria, and lets the chefs really get experimental.

In the heard of Dallas, Revolver is at 2701 Main St.

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